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Brandwhoring: Achievement Unlocked

Best friends forever.

Friends, you will recall about a year ago when I was in the market for a new phone, I was (A) pretty certain I wanted to be as far away from Bell as possible and (B) happily ensconced in the world of Android.

How then, to explain the shiny black box in the picture above? A shiny black box provided by Bell, even?  As it happens, and what I already knew from past experience, is that when you’re legally clear to walk and threaten to do so, cell phone providers actually act like human beings.  Holding them over the bucket got me basically the deal I had before plus 6GB/month for pretty much what I was already paying.  I dropped the portion that gives me unlimited everything with ten numbers [MyFun Whatever the Hell They Call It] because I don’t think I know ten people I want to talk to that frequently and I can use Skype or some other service for long distance.

So why jump to iPhone now?  I admit, down to the wire I was still hemming and hawing, as new Android handsets were released [the HTC One series being the last device that had a shot].  But the decision to do so was twofold:

  • I’m an app whore. Right now, unless it’s coming from Google, most apps are designed for iOS with Android as an afterthought.  This might not be the case a year from now, but it’s the case now.
  • The woman I live with got one, and I had to watch her play with it for the better part of six months, all the while my HTC Wildfire S seemed to get wheezier and wheezier, after less than a year.

Look at this footage I took from the HHK Anniversary show back in March [turn your speakers down].

Now watch the footage she took with her 4S the same night, at the same time from farther away.

Come on now, son.  You can say I was justifying, but I immediately started thinking of all the things I could do with it from a content creation standpoint.  Buying the MacBook changed the way I can produce content for PFG, the iPhone has made the way I collect the raw materials for that content creation so, so much easier.

But lest the more militant of you whip out your flaming swords prepared to lance me as another slobbering fanboy to the House of Jobs, calm yourself a moment.  After playing with the phone for a few days, while I don’t regret my decision to go with the iPhone in the least, I can admit there are some things that Android does better than iOS.  I’ll break down some of them after the cut. (more…)