Where Jordan Be?

My Wrestlemania moment, when a friend in attendance at WM23 held up a sign informing the world that I smelled.

The long overdue housekeeping post.

Despite the recent flurry of activity around here, I can’t stand here all proud of myself for the quality content I’ve been providing you, friends, because as always, it comes on the heels of another screeching halt.  That tends to be the routine around here: flurry of activity, screeching halt.  I try to blame it on the dark days of February, but as someone recently said to me, ‘February comes every year,’ and well, it is April now, isn’t it?

I’m not exactly a shining example of the rhythm method of blogging, since I never seem to get into one, but I’m slowly trying to take all of this more seriously, to actually believe what I talk about when I talk about PFG. Maybe it’s all the wrestling writing I’ve been doing here lately [I should really look for an outlet for that], paying attention to the art of the promo, maybe it’s the book I’m reading when I’m not reading short stories: Susan Cain’s Quiet, all about the realities faced by introverts in a world where the Extrovert is the ideal [full review forthcoming when I finish].   But, whether I believe it in my heart that I’m good at what I do around here, as The Rock would say, “It doesn’t matter what I think.” I need to act like I do. 

I have a friend convincing me to take my writerly endeavours more seriously from a business perspective, and as I start to think about it in that fashion, I already feel the shift in me taking it more seriously, all the things I want to do but wouldn’t, due to financial constraints, even the measly seventeen dollars it would take me to remove that .wordpress from my URL.  But if I’m gonna promote, it sends a message right there that I don’t believe in myself enough to invest the cash to own this domain outright. Time to get serious…er.

That said, even in those periods of silence, I can still be found writing here and there. I shout them out on Twitter, but I undertsand not everyone follows me there [though you really should, I’m pretty funny sometimes].  You can find some of my writing on books over at the Chapters/Indigo Blog [I’m personally fond of the piece on The Annotated Sandman], and I do a monthly column for the Comic Book Fandom Group at the University of Toronto.  

I’ll be looking to update the bio page in the coming days, once I figure out what to say about myself, and there’s always the few samples of journalism, fiction and poetry I have in the ‘Works’ section.  One of the pieces recently got some unexpected attention, which may have sent me scurrying back into the foxhole I was in, but frankly I can’t afford to think like that anymore.

So read, friends. Appreciate. If you’d like to contract my services, get at me.  I still might not know what PFG is for, what it’s supposed to do.

But goddammit, I know it does it better than most.


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