School is in Session: Stretch and Bob @ The Red Bull Music Academy

Friends, if you’ve been paying attention around here you already know I respect few things more than the legacy of the Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia radio show that aired on New York’s WKCR from 1990 to 1998, named the best rap radio show ever by The Source Magazine [back when that still meant something]. They helped break the careers of multiple NY rap legends from Nas to Mobb Deep to Wu-Tang to Big Pun to some guy named Jay-Z, exemplifying the best of hip-hop during the music’s Golden Age.

At this year’s Red Bull Music Academy’s ‘New York City to the SF Bay,’ event in San Francisco, Stretch and Bob gave an hourlong interview with hip-hop scholar and Ego Trip contributor Chairman Mao. And thankfully, they filmed the whole thing.

It’s a long one, but a rare opportunity to get some firsthand hip-hop history from two charismatic and funny as hell guys who clearly love and respect each other. If you’re intrigued and want to explore some source material, the online community of fans has started taking the tapes they dubbed over the years and uploading them, a quick Google search can put jewels in your hands in seconds.

Also, after the lecture, they held it down at Mighty SF, hosting a live version of the show for all in attendance [including Dave Chappelle, allegedly]. If you want some killer background music while you work, you can check that out here.

All respect to Stretch and Bob [and Lord Sear!], two of the best to ever do it, and an inspiration to anyone who’s passionate about spreading the joy of the music they love.


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