Where Ya At?

Oh, you know, here and there.  Don’t mistake a lack of presence here for a lack of writing, that’s actually how the bulk of my weeks go lately.  If you want to read ’em, feel free:


A lot of stuff, actually, mostly intro’s to pieces about cookbooks and such, but I did get to run on a piece looking at the recent Hardcover commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Def Jam Records, so that was fun.  All my recent pieces for them are collected here.


I seem to be moving to a monthly schedule with my articles for the University of Toronto’s Comics Appreciation site.  When I’m on fire, you might see a piece there every couple of weeks. This time out, we went a month.  Such is life.  The latest piece looks at comics icon Frank Miller and what his recent comments about the Occupy Wall Street Protests say about him.

So that’s where I be.  My Twitter usually finds me prattling on about one thing or another pretty much daily if it feels like I’m falling off here [which I will occasionally, let’s be honest]. But I’m also learning to make better use of scheduling blogs, instead of tossing a bucket of content up during the weekends when less people are around, I can schedule that content to go up throughout the week. Such are the marvels of the times we live in.

If you’re new here, thanks for stopping by. If you’re a regular, I hope you realize how much I appreciate that.  I don’t thank y’all enough.


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