Thievery in Action

Hey, you know what I just realized?  The internet is really big! Which means, due to the online bubble I live in, there are thousands of great sites I never know exist until I see them in a Tweet or on Facebook. Wow, I admitted Facebook was good for something.

One such site I learned about recently is a Tumblr called One Week/One Band.  The premise is simple: Every week, a ‘trusted music aficionado’ selects a band they feel passionate about and celebrate it on the site from Monday to Friday of every week.  The only mandatory requirement is that a song be featured once every day.  The guest editors are free to supply whatever extra content they want as long as that song a day is met.

Great concept, and just the sort of music nerdery I adore.  One problem, and I probably knew it would be before I even checked.

Surprise to no one, the catalogue of past features is, to borrow my own phrase, “Whiter than Bonnaroo.”  Of the 40 weeks already done or being done, three fall within my field of interest:  Curtis Mayfield, Beyonce [really?!] and Portishead.

So, never being averse to stealing good ideas, and with my traffic suggesting people seem to like when I’m writing about music, and because Questlove can’t write about everything all the time, I decided to lift the idea and stage my own One Week/One Band this week.  I need to get back in the habit of posting again, anyway.

So who’s the lucky recipient of my devotion and nerdboners?  I’m sure it’s obvious, but clickthrough to see.

They got the rhythm.

Yep. No surprises there.  You have to listen to me blather on about A Tribe Called Quest for another five days.  It’s the 20th Anniversary of The Low-End Theory, and a week away from the day Midnight Marauders released  in ’93, so it’s an auspicious time.

The show kicks off tomorrow, friends.


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