Three or Four Things You Already Knew

The scary part is how 1970s my neighbourhood actually looks.

Am I one of the cool kids, yet? Man, I hope so.  Look at that!  Even the edges look like an old Polaroid.  That should at least get me a 15% coupon to Urban Outfitters.

Just a quick link roundup today of things I’ve had turn up on other places, in case anybody out there can’t get enough of me.  How is that even possible?!

Over on the Chapters/Indigo Non-Fiction blog, I have a somewhat more restrained look at the Mark Yarm book I wrote about the other day, along with recommended further reading.

At 22Pages, you can find a new piece on the merits of DCs replacement heroes who emerged in the late 1990s, only to be unceremoniously swept aside for their more iconic predecessors.  But iconic to who, I ask!  Iconic to who?!?

And over at PFG Express, you can find a somewhat rambling story about falling in love with the things my old band created, in light of finally listening to Slint’s much celebrated 1991 sophomore release Spiderland.  That’s probably the best example of why I started the Tumblr in the first place.  With the free audio embedding [I mean really, come on, WordPress!], I can throw up an old demo from the band and tell a more personal anecdote about it.  That seems a little indulgent for my purposes here.  Maybe I shouldn’t overthink these things. *shrug* You tell me, friends.

As well, I’ll probably start the gears in motion to assemble another installment of RadioPFG.  I never quite lose my itch to foist music on all of you, and until Spotify makes its way to Canada, podcasting will have to do the job.  Besides, don’t you just love my dulcet tones?  Shut up.

And that’s about how things are shaking up around the PFG camp for the moment. I’m kind of having one of those shark-moments, where I feel like I’ll die if I stop, so you can look forward to reaping the benefits, friends.


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