Hey, Internet.

August is a cruel month...

It’s never been my philosophy to take the Neil Gaiman approach to PFG, serve up some personal details of what I’ve been up to along with some links to where you can find pieces I’ve written. Mostly because I’m old enough I don’t think my life is interesting enough to warrant detailed description [says the guy with a blog/Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr, etc], but also, sadly, because there’s never really anything to tell, especially on the ‘stuff I wrote,’ frontier.

But no longer!  A couple of opportunities recently came through for my “talents,” where you can now find my writing and ramblings.

Over on the blog for Chapters/Indigo I wrote a piece recommending some essential hip-hop non-fiction titles in celebration of the art’s 38th birthday.  Longtime readers will be familiar with a lot of what’s over there, but there are some new titles I’ve never mentioned before.

More interestingly perhaps, a friend of a friend started up a comics fandom site targeting students at the University of Toronto and asked me to contribute. So I did.  I’ll hopefully be contributing to 22 Pages twice a month, hopefully. Head over there now to read my begrudging appreciation of FanExpo, Toronto’s premier pop culture exhibition.

Still, even with these side projects, there’s no reason to deny you the PFG experience you know and love.  August was busy, but still had enough time to blog if I really wanted to.  That thousand word piece on Final Fantasy I threw up this week should be enough to suggest how I’ve been spending my free time lately.  Speaking of which, I can hopefully get an hour in before bed if I go riiiiiiight, now!


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