Drifting Away Like a Feather in Air

The Man of the Hour. Rest in Peace.

“You sound like a guy talking to himself in a basement apartment.”
“But that’s what I am.”
“That’s not what I mean.  I know how much this means to you, I know how passionate you are about it, but it doesn’t sound like it comes across.  You’re sort of doing all the things you hate about college radio.”

She had a point. She still does.  I’m still working out the kinks in my delivery, maybe a permanent sidekick/cohost is in order, I don’t know.

So the vocal delivery is still a little stiff, and I sound a little croaky after my party weekend, but I had to get my ass in gear or I would have sat with it for another week.

So here you are, episode two of RadioPFG! Now with links!

Nujabes/Hydeout Productions [Japanese]
Five Deez
Pase Rock
L-Universe [Japanese]
Funky DL
Samurai Champloo
Eternal Soul [short documentary on Nujabes]

Love letters or hate mail welcomed through the usual channels. Please to enjoy.


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