All the Way Live

Would a face like this ever lie to you?

It’s not perfect, but I had to stop myself from chasing perfection lest another week go by without posting.  Besides, I’ll always know where I had to chop the audio, and how many takes I cut in my living room until I’m sure my upstairs neighbours couldn’t stand the sound of my voice leaking through the floorboards anymore, but you never will.

So behold!  The premiere episode of RadioPFG is here!

I have no idea what the show will turn into. I have a rough idea for the second episode that will closely mimic the first, but after that, things will be more fast and loose.  Episode 3 may be ten minutes long with no music, depends how I’m feeling.  What I do know is that the best podcasts are conversations.  As such, hate mail and love letters are always welcomed through the usual channels.

Links to what you’ll hear on the podcast:
The Big L/Jay-Z freestyle session on Stretch&Bobbito.
Hydeout Productions [Nujabes]
Uyama Hiroto
Freddie Gibbs
The Roots
Teriyaki Boyz
Freddie Joachim

You can download the episode on the show page, or should you prefer, you can just listen to it in the embedded player below. Please to enjoy, and don’t judge me too harshly.


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