Status Update

To the windows, to the walls.

It’s all well and nice, I suppose. January comes from Janus, the Roman god of doors, gates, beginnings and endings.  Of course he names the first month, of course he inspires us to make resolutions in our lives to commemorate the planet’s completion of another rotation around the sun.  It’s trite, and personally I’d rather not try to make sweeping changes in my life during the thick of winter when the sun goes down at 4.30 every day, but it’s a comforting thought nonetheless.  That we can shake off the old year, all the old mistakes and eat less, exercise more, quit smoking, bla di bla di bla.

It’s pointless to worry about the fact that life isn’t remotely like that. Most people’s day-to-day just can’t support the monumental corrections the self-improvement industry would have us believe are required after January 1.  It’s a delusion to think real, honest to God epiphanies can occur outside of Dublin.

“The epiphany was never meant to be used for merchandising and therapy. It is not easily adapted to a mass market…Just because there is no religion around doesn’t mean that the rest of us aren’t under intense pressure to be saved these days, not when so much money is to be made in the saving of us.  Now the production of epiphanies has become a business, the unenlightened are treated with sad pity, and with little grace notes of contempt.”

– Charles Baxter, Burning Down the House.

Earlier tonight, The Lady and I were doing things around the house as Cougar Town played in the background. There is no shame in saying this.  Two couples were competing to see how well each partner knew the other.  The three questions were, ‘favourite food, what makes me sad, who is my celebrity crush.’ The Lady and I played it for funsies.  We were correct on all counts [because we are awesome], but her more than I when she selected what makes me sad.

“Feeling inadequate,” she said.  “Which is usually you getting in your own way.”

It was with that in mind that I started this post, thinking about what I would like PFG to be in the coming year.  I’m self-aware enough to know that sweeping declarations only lead to failure and disappointment, so I’m not going to hold myself to any daily quotas as far as posting goes [not publicly, anyway].  But I’ve found the inspiration to adjust the layout, as you can see*, and I feel inspired enough to commit to the Post A Week Challenge here on WordPress.  I’m willing to acccept that making this commitment might lead to more blogging about dumb shit [how much dumber can it get? the reader asked] more than I previously allowed.  But the fact is, my brain and my pen were sharper when I was blogging twice daily for the University of Windsor than it is now.  This is unacceptable.

So that’s the contract I’m trying to make to y’all, and to myself.  To read more, to write more, and to stop making myself feel like my endeavours are inferior.

I expect to fail, it says so right in the top of this site, it always has.  But I hope to fail less, and fail better.

*But seriously, if any of you gearheads know how to put a bullet behind the ear of that godawful Impact font of the title using Typekit fonts, please elaborate.  Far as I can tell, I have the font switched on every heading except the one I wanted to change in the first place.  Holler!

EDIT: Thanks to Panos at WordPress Tips for helping me suss out my title font issue.  The lesson?  Never assume you know more than you do.


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