Day Thirty: Your Favourite Song at This Time Last Year

“How many more Song-A-Day’s are there?” she asked.
“Got one more left. After that I’ll have to like, I don’t know,  have an idea or something,” I said.
“Oh, well that’s probably good. They were starting to get a little repetitive.”

Flippin’ ingrates.

I can admit it, I was getting tired of them, too.  But they gave me focus [or more focus] and they helped me define what I want this space to be [not averse to personal details, minus the drunken tomfoolery that seems to dominate the front pages of most ‘trendy’ blogs I encounter].  But anyway.

This final one actually took some work.  I have the attention span of a hummingbird and can barely remember what I was loving as the snow melted this year, let alone what I was bumping at end of summer ’09.  I actually had to skim Wikipedia to see if anything struck a chord.  No dice.  It took a chat with the Lady to offer a suggestion.

I didn’t strictly discover this song last summer, I recall using it to calm my soul when she was gone to visit her parents over her spring break last year.  It’s off a solo album by Cincinatti DJ Hi-Tek, producer of classics for Black Star and one half of Reflection Eternal with Talib Kweli.  I admit, I only bought those albums in the past year, and even apologized to Hi-Tek via Twitter for sleeping on his beats for as long as I had.

This jazzy, laid back head knocker [honestly, hear it with headphones. The bass and drums will beat your brain in], blessed by the soulful vocals of Mos Def and Vinia Mojica is the perfect parting gift to our Song-A-Day experiment, friends.  This is a song for your drive home at 3.00 a.m., for having a beer or a cocktail on your balcony in the August heat, or side-steppin’ with someone special in a club full of people who feel just as lifted as you do.  It’s a song that knows autumn is on its way, but it ain’t here yet.

And thus concludes Song A Day.  Took about two months longer than it should have, but it’s been an eventful and busy summer. Thanks to Kieron Gillen for the idea, thanks to wherever the meme generated from in the first place, and thanks to you for reading them all summer long, especially anyone who stopped me or wrote to say they enjoyed it.


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