Day Twenty-Four: A Song That You Want to Play at Your Funeral.

Well this is chipper, innit? You basically want me to find something to espouse my entire life philosophy, how I would like to be remembered, how I want to encourage those who are devastated by my passing [including you, readers]. Not too tall an order.

I’ve never done well at funerals. Is there anyone who does? I admit, I find myself more aware of my age these days, not physically thankfully, but just in the type of people I can relate to. I used to be of the mind that once you hit 23, you never really change mentally, which is exactly the sort of stupid shit a 23-year-old would think.

Truth is, the first sign you’re getting old is when the kids start to wear you out, and damn do the kids wear me out these days. Between the social media ‘elites’ on my Twitter feed, the young’uns I work with and the culture as a whole [just because Gaga was trying to make an Ace of Base song doesn’t make it any good], I’ll gladly retreat into my thoughts, which look a lot like the movie The Wackness. This is fine.

But some of my thoughts, more than before, concern remaining time, what comes after, resolving that nothing may come after [not a belief I personally ascribe to, but 16 years of Catholicism is a hard habit to break] and trying to be okay with that.

So maybe that’s why my brain gravitated toward this song. It’s bouncy, it’s got pep, it would relax the guests, let them know I’m happy. I don’t know that it has any underlying philosophy to impart other than to let people know I’m not afraid anymore.

And for anyone who knows me, that’s probably the most important assurance I could give.

POSTSCRIPT: Well that was a beneficial lesson in proofreading.  None of you could have notified me of that sooner? Jeeeeeez.


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