Day Twenty-Three: A Song You Want to Play at Your Wedding

Weddings on the brain around here lately, as The Lady and I both prepare to stand in the nuptials of good friends over the next two months.  Mine will actually conclude by next weekend at a charming little resort up in Muskoka. Should be a delightful environment to sweat and swat bug bites in a tuxedo.

I kid, I kid.  All love, Glenn.

So all this talk of weddings of course leads us to talk in hypotheticals. Most days, we’re of the mind that marriage is somewhat outdated and unnecessary convention.  She wants to be with me, and me with her, we’ve built three homes together,  why do we and our parents need to toss a small truckload of money into the endeavour.

But then there are times when she walks past a wedding dress boutique and she goes all girly, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought if I got one of those jobs I applied for, I’d start to put money towards something for her finger, seeing as I like it and all.  And we talk about what we’d do, what would stand, who we’d invite, the usual.  And I have thought about what song I would want to dance with her.  She has her own idea about what the closest thing to ‘our song’ is, but this will always be it for me.

Sam Cooke probably has the most perfect voice in the history of recorded music, born in the fires of gospel spirituals and custom built for the soul music of the sixties.  And this is about as good as its ever been done.  And well, I do enjoy the sentiment.

Honourable Mention: Like I said, she has her own ideas.

Oh, and as an aside, My OldSpice response now has over 160,000 views.  I enjoy that.


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