The Day I Won the Internet

You may have heard that yesterday the geniuses over at Old Spice, on the heels of debuting another miracle of commercial marketing starring Isaiah Mustafa [aka ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’] started posting Mustafa’s personalized replies to comments, tweets and Facebook wall posts on YouTube.  They started going up around noon EST and got posted steadily for the next eight hours, totalling about 130[EDIT: They seem to be at it again today, though whether these are leftovers from last night remains to be seen].

And of the thousands of people who tossed comments out, my lame one gets picked. It’s funny how the oddest things can snap you out of a funk brought on by professional setbacks.  Well, that and a well timed Carrol Chaning impression. But we’ll discuss that another time.  Peep the vid below.

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