Day Twenty-Two: A Song You Listen to When You’re Sad

Thank the one they call Kaka for distracting me from the whirlwind of other commitments I’m currently experiencing long enough to get you your belated song a day [commitments including moving across the city with the Lady and reading a 400 page book in two days to write my impressions in an attempt to get a job of the dreamier variety]. So we’ll do this, but we’re doing it quick.

In short, this is the saddest song I know, in the saddest rendition I’ve ever heard. I can’t find an embeddable link to it anywhere, so you’ll just have to click through.

Herbie Hancock w/Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan: Don’t Explain

First heard Damien back in 2003 or 2004, when he won the Shortlist Music Prize for O and gave a performance of ‘Volcano’ that destroyed me. I’ve fallen off the fan train in years since [and the dissolution of his working relationship with Hannigan makes him less interesting to me overall] but I still think O is a phenomenal work.  And Herbie Hancock is Herbie Hancock, so when he brought those two in to sing the ultimate doormat song of all time, how could it fail?

‘Don’t Explain’ is a song that just….man. It’s a killer. And it’s the kind of song that can only be understood by grownups.  It’s the musical equivalent of when Stella descends the staircase to her brute of a husband in ‘Streetcar Named Desire,’ or why Daisy stays with Tom in ‘Gatsby’.  There are no rational reasons why the woman should take him back, but she does.  Maybe it’s love, maybe it’s fear or routine, but that sort of acceptance that the people you love are the people who will hurt you the most….if I have to choose, give me that sort of mature storytelling any day.

You may not hear from me until next week, friends.  Stay with me on Twitter, or drop me a line.   I promise I’ll reply.


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