Day Seventeen: A Song That You Hear Often on the Radio

Short and sweet today, not really the sort of stipulation that lends itself to long diatribes and self examination, suffice to say this: if there’s one thing Windsor has Toronto beat on, it’s radio.  Though to be fair, when I talk about Windsor radio, I’m really talking about Detroit radio, and I’m probably talking about a Detroit radio from 10 years ago that was far less consolidated than it is today [when did 89X get so mook-metal?].  I’m talking about the Detroit radio that I used to listen to Big Sonic Heaven on, or Liz Copeland on the overnight shift on WDET, or Adult Urban stations that would play Teddy Pendergrass and Funkadelic, or the old school night live-to-air that WJLB would broadcast from the River Rock on Sunday nights.  That’s the Detroit radio I’m thinking of, and Toronto just can’t compete with that, too much pop, too tied down by the restrictions of Cancon, too bland.

So this isn’t a song I like, or dislike, it just is what it is, a song I hear every 15 minutes on any one of six Toronto FM stations.


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