Day Sixteen: A Song You Used to Love But Now Hate

This is actually one of the more difficult days, and not solely due to the copious amounts of cough and cold medication coursing through my system. Similar to Day Two, why would I surround myself with music I don’t like or now hate? But I think I can give you one.

I don’t know if I ever legitimately ‘loved’ this song, but I know I ended up hating it.  I think on a friend’s birthday at The Loop we asked the DJ to play it, since it was still an album track back then.  I’d already started losing my respect for this group by the time this album was released, but Anna loved this song despite the title, and it seemed to become a staple that summer, and it always got us amped to dance.

Ridiculous, I know.  But hey, you can forgive certain things when the booze is flowing and you have a pretty girl to dance with.

But The Peas never met a dollar they didn’t like, so the song soon got cleaned up to ‘Let’s Get it Started’ and thrown into Ford commercials.  Their success only continued to grow, directly corresponding to my decrease in interest. If anyone wants my copy of ‘Behind the Front,’ yours for $5.oo.

Honourable Mention: I don’t know if I ever loved this song either, but I respected it, in that national pride, ‘Hip Hop isn’t dead it lives in the north,’ kind of way.  Took about a week before I realized it was cheap nationalism akin to starting a ‘U-S-A!’ chant at a wrestling match. That and a cheap beaver joke sunk this one to the bottom of the river for me.

Seriously, if an American act sampled the national anthem, they’d be laughed out of town.  Beyond wack. And this is the cat who did ‘Find Out’?


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