Day Fifteen: A Song That Describes You

Ten facts about me.

  1. I have been accused [as recently as this morning] of being pessimistic and negative. I think that’s an opinion cultivated by projected image that doesn’t hold up under scrutiny, as most of the posts for the past two weeks will attest.
  2. That said, I do hold grudges. Long past the point they make sense.
  3. The aspects of my creative output I see little value in are always the things people like the most.
  4. I remember everything.
  5. I forget as needed.
  6. I understand in most of my relationships [save the important ones] it’s expected I play a certain role, and I can deal with that.
  7. Part of that role involves displaying a level of confidence I don’t actually have, but I think I can fake it well enough.
  8. I’ve realized with age just how full of shit I can be, and have trouble tolerating it in others.  Maybe that’s where the negativity allegation comes from.
  9. I never imagined I would become as big a crazy cat person as I am.
  10. I can run in fits and spurts.  A blast of ambition is typically followed by a drought of inertia. I feel a little like I’m teetering between both lately.

The last point is kind of what this song deals with, which is what makes it special to me.  I dug on Common since ‘Like Water for Chocolate,‘ but couldn’t get behind ‘Electric Circus.’  He followed that by hooking up with an old acquaintance from Chicago named Kanye West and dropped the modern classic ‘Be.’ Some argue that the acclaim for the album has more to do with Kanye’s beats than Com’s rhymes, but I disagree.  He sounds energized on the whole album, and this song [which appears on the record as a live recording from Chappelle’s Show] is a subdued salute to perseverance, and a tribute to even smallest of advancements, which are the ones I usually make.

Now the money coming slow, but at least a [player] know slow motion better than no, no no…

Everyday, just keep it moving a little more.  Even if that means finishing your blog post and getting another 50 hits on your traffic.


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