Day Fourteen: A Song That No One Would Expect You to Love

I’m not exactly sure what makes this one different from yesterday’s, probably the idea that while both day thirteen and fourteen are surprising selections, the former is one you feel a little embarrassed about, and the latter is one you don’t.

Tonight’s selection isn’t actually my favourite song from this band, that would be the first song I ever heard from them, a speedy and metallic yet emotional track called ‘Rose of Sharyn’.  But upon further exploration of the album, a few songs made their way onto my iPod.  The fact that during a trip back to Windsor from playing a show in Kitchener Jeff turned to me and said, ‘It makes no sense that you like this,’ it seems like a good selection for today, since it probably makes even less sense now.

So like, I love to roll my eyes at the tropes of metal as much as anything, and I don’t know why this song gets a pass, but I have some theories. For one, I dig on singer Howard Jones’ voice, especially when he goes all operatic at the 1:02 mark.  I like that even when he’s screaming I can understand what he’s saying.  Musically, I like that as heavy as the song is, I can still hear everything that’s going on, and it makes sense.  The song’s trying to get you amped up, not bludgeon you with riffage.  Same with the drums: nary a double-kick stroke to be found, and when they are, they’re tastefully placed at points that suit the song. I can even forgive the pinch harmonic at 1:58, and anyone who knows me knows I hate pinch harmonics. There’s an attention to melody present in the song [and in Rose of Sharyn, too] that’s apparently typical in metalcore acts.  I mean, it’s not the sort of thing I want to listen to everyday, but when it comes on shuffle at the right time, I’ll nod my head to it.

Honourable Mention: Opposite side of the spectrum, shall we?  The Lady might argue that this song is more guilty pleasure, she would be incorrect. There is actual love here, a love I can’t deny was sparked by the trailer to ‘GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony‘ but has transformed into something genuine. This song has pushed me to keep running at the gym more than you know. I have a soft spot for certain flavours of house and trance, maybe it comes from a couple years playing DDR alone in my basement, but this song pushes a certain button for me that music I listen to mote regularly doesn’t hit.


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