Day Ten: A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep

The title suggests that I should be selecting a song that causes drowsiness because it’s boring or uninspiring.  It also suggests I could pick a song that lulls one to sleep with its serenity and ethereal beauty.  I like that option.

I don’t know where I first heard this song, but I know I saw it pop up everywhere once I did.  In that sweet spot of the late 90’s when ‘electronica’ seemed poised to supersede grunge as the next revolutionary genre,it started getting used in any movie that wanted to seem cutting edge or future forward.  I know I heard this song in Hackers and Mortal Kombat [no lie, I still love that first Mortal Kombat movie. The second one was a steaming pile, but I’ll stand by the first, guiltily].

I found out later that the mix of the song used in the video is from a 7″ that came out before the album release. The 12″ mix [found on the ‘Brown Album’] isn’t lesser, it’s just different, the elements are organized a little differently.  I might prefer the video mix, but the original is what I always fell asleep to.

See, back when I was living at home [which is not as far back as it should have been, heh], I always used to listen to music as I fell asleep.  I don’t know if I would say I was more passionate about music then per se, I just a big pair of headphones and a boom box setup right next to my bed.  And I’d always pass out.  Putting on track four of an album would lead to me waking up 20 minutes later with a sore ear from where the phones were pressing into my head.  And this song always knocked my ass out cold for one reason:  the panning at the end.

To really appreciate this song, you need a quality bitrate mp3 [or get the CD, god forbid], and a pair of good headphones.  Because as the elements of the song fall away one by one at the end of the track, you’re left with nothing but the sample [the heavenly voice of Kirsty Hawkshaw chopped up with Dilla-caliber finesse], which has been panned quickly back and forth between the channels, in essence giving you the sensation that the sample is swooping around your head,and it’s still one of my closest connections to any piece of music in any genre.

Sorry about the damn dragon graphic, it was the only clip I could find.

Honourable mention: I’ll have to find an excuse to talk about Yoko soon, since her music played such a large part in my life in the early 00’s. This is one of my favourite pieces of hers, for the way she takes four separate melodies, mashes them into an atonal mess that’s still compelling, then switches  gears on a dime twice to morph into a string quartet piece of utter beauty.  I’m thrilled this silly little meme gave me a reason to think of this song again.

And with that, to bed.



  1. i forgot how enthralling these pieces from anime series can be. escaflowne used to be one of my favourite tv shows when i was younger!
    your silly little meme has given me a reason to think of this show again. 🙂

    1. Joyce! You should Google/Youtube ‘Yoko Kanno’ and enjoy. Some (okay a lot) of her work veers dangerously close to the new-agey, Enyaesque side of things, but her work on Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne and a lot of Macross Plus is aces!

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