Day Nine: A Song You Can Dance To

Again, this should be easier than it is.  Perhaps it’s in my mind, but I have a history of dancing, both in my new jack high school days and later at The Loop in Windsor, which is a bar just like any other dingy smelly bar on the upper floor of a building that white kids love to dance at and occasionally crosses over to the clubkid zeitgeist [This isn’t faux dive…This is a dive!].  Really, any attendance at a bar like this past the age of 24 is questionable, but damn if we can’t keep ourselves from going back whenever we visit home.  Renowned  for a scandalous beverage called the double mudd [which is apparently known outside of home.  Terror!] and for bathroom stalls you have to prop closed with your leg should you ever be in the unfortunate position of doing a #2, I made up for all my good behaviour in undergrad by developing weekend alcoholism  there every Saturday during my journalism studies.

When you’re a full-blown weekend alcoholic, you probably have a crew, and I was no different.  Most every Saturday Glenn and I would pile in a car, snag Rob and Vesna,meet up with Kristy,Mel and Claire and get the game afoot.  Many dramas played out on that sticky dance floor every week, and the bizarre mix of retro and indie rock they played kept us moving until the ugly lights came up.

Like most things in my life, when I choose to dance is a matter subject to a host of tightly controlled variables.  Like…


Yeah, so I need to be a little buzzed, have someone cool to dance with and the song has to be right.  Back in the days when I was going to the Loop on Sundays for funk and disco night, this would usually do it.

But once I became a Saturday resident, it became a little more difficult to find that one song that would always get me out there.  But this usually did it.

As an aside, after we started dating, I learned that The Lady and I were both frequent Loop-goers around the same time period, and were probably in the building on the same night many times.  I probably even checked her out many times before I ever met her.  If I had ever had the nerve to approach, I would have asked her to dance to this song.


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