Day Eight: A Song That You Know All the Words To

Finally, another break from the thousand word anecdote packed songs. I know it seems as though I’m copping out a tad on this one, but I knew as soon as I double-checked the day what song I would use. Besides, it’s almost one in the damn morning.

So you’ve heard me go on about Hip Hop Karaoke and how much I love it. You should know that I take it very seriously, even if the song I’m doing is ignorant as hell, I will take the time to learn all the words so I don’t have to go up holding the lyric sheet like a chump [no diss to anyone who uses the sheet].  My first time I went up, I did a fun if laid back song by Grand Puba which is not exactly lyrically taxing. I knew if I went up again, I’d have to bring something. So I picked this song.

Even won myself a prize afterward, for switching out a faulty mic on the fly and not losing my place in the song.  Mr. Professional.

And yes, I can still sing it.


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