Day Three: A Song That Makes You Happy

Finally, free of the random and incalculable criteria of quality chained to days one and two, we can explore somewhat more subjective song selections.

I feel like I came to a conclusion far too easily for today’s selection, and it certainly won’t be surprising to anyone who follows me at Facebook, given how excited I got when I found a 1983 live performance of the song.

I love this song not only because it was the single that introduced the band to the world, but for the insane mashup of ingredients taking place within it:  the Motownesque rhythm section, the coded drama of the lyrics [‘jumped up pantry boy’? what?!], and the jangly complexity of that guitar line.  I’ve seen that intro slowed down on instructional YouTube videos, and it is utterly baffling to me that a 20-year-old came up with it.

If you ever come with me to Twister Karaoke at Yonge and Finch, I will force you to listen to me sing it, because I sing it everytime I go.

Honourable mention: ‘Honey’ by Erykah Badu. Just because it’s my summer jam for two years running.


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