Day Two: Your Least Favourite Song

Another bit of a horseshit premise, if only for the wording used by the meme.  It’s not asking for a song I hate, it’s asking for my “least favourite song.”  This implies that on some level, I like the song, I can tolerate it, but I make no conscious effort to hear it.  In short, it’s 98% of what gets played on contemporary radio.

Because really, coming up with a song I hate is beyond easy. I’ve never had a problem picking those. The problem is finding something that you don’t particularly like, but can still find some redeeming qualities in. That can be a little more difficult, but it is doable.

I don’t like Gaga.  I think she catches accolades for shit that Madonna has already done, or that Princess Superstar is doing, etc.  And as MIA once mentioned, the actual music, free of the image, isn’t that compelling [“the music sounds like 20-year-old Ibiza disco, you know?”]. But goddammit, that first single of hers, when her handlers didn’t trust her enough to let her do whatever she wanted in the video  and the music had to stand on its own a little more, when that chorus starts thumping, when nameless male singer belts it out at the end…kind of irresistible, shameful though it is to admit. I remember when I first heard it as we were driving through Toronto, I turned to the Lady and said, “That’s gonna be a floor filler.”

Little did we know what we were all witnessing the start of.

Thank God those two are out of the way. Now we can get on to the fun ones.


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