Stealing the Sun From Your Heart With The Roundup

The thing that makes me most sad about the end of the [Law and Order], apart from the fact that, you know, the collective internet and Twitter and newspapers and magazines have spent the last two weeks talking about the end of Lost, which is just an idiotic, stupid blip in the history of American television, that no one should ever think about or spend a word talking about ever again. And before the haters come in, I watched a fair amount of the show, it is impossible to defend.

–Slate Editor Julia Turner making up my mind and saving months of my life.

Douglas Coupland makes some room in his garage by donating his archives to the University of British Columbia.

Early reaction for Sex & The City 2….eeeerm…..yeah.

No idea how official the designation or who the governing body is, but May is apparently National Short Story Month.  Hurrah!  The National Post has been celebrating all month.

Surprise, surprise, publishing CEOs hate eBooks.

Conversely, the kids love ’em.

It’s no secret [or is it?  I don’t recall] that the solitude of writing is something I struggle with to a certain extent. There are some people and activities I just can’t cut out of my life, and I know this ultimately stifles my output.  Author Katherine Govier offers a solution of sorts.

Consider this my postcard for the night.


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