Because I Really Should be Writing

Honestly. I really do have other things I could work on. But you knew I had to share with you the joy my cat brings me. Because I’m one of those people.


That was so worth it, and you know it.  Let’s close some tabs on the browser.

Coming up with witty tweets and status updates can be exhausting.  Thankfully someone finally figured out a way to automate this process.

For all my impoverished design nerds, Google consumed another part of your life today with the launch of the Google font directory. Open source, downloadable fonts, yours for the grabbin.

If we don’t already have this book, I am making sure it’s on order, and then slapping a staff pick sticker on it immediately. Any children’s book that concludes with, ‘It’s a book, Jackass.’ gets my sound endorsement.

A thought provoking [if looooooong] examination of journalism’s place in the nothing-based economy of our times.

Honestly? Why did it take this long for someone to recreate the opening of Ghostbusters at the NY Public Library?

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