Wrapping Up the Day With The Roundup

Since Glee’s over, figure you can have a few literary links for a nightcap.

Finally, intelligent discussion of one of the major issues of our time: how not dumb is Lady Gaga?

Haruki Murakami’s latest is a certified blockbuster.

Yann Martel’s reviews continue to be hilarious. If you’re not a fan of Yann Martel. Though as the quoted review from the National Post reminds us, people who have flipped through Martel’s other works already know Life of Pi was sort of an exception than the rule.  Ask anybody who read his first novel, Self.  If you can find someone who read it. ba-dum-pssshh!

Ian McEwan grounded in Toronto thanks to Icelandic volcano eruption. He’s cool with it.

Speaking of Eyjafjallajokull, some of the stranded are trying to put their time to good use by throwing together an online magazine.  It’s good to keep busy.

My Lady will be interested to see This Side of Paradise has been given the off-Broadway musical treatment.

And because nothing’s better than when author’s fight: The 50 best author vs. author put downs.


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