Always in Fast Forward, Never in Reverse

March was the best month

There *will* be a post coming on the genius that is Carl Wilson’s 33 1/3 Guide to Celine Dion [which really has nothing to do with Celine Dion] but I can’t in good faith to my partner ignore some simple household chores in favour of writing it. So you get a picture of our awesome calendar that chronicled the month of March.

Because it’s awesome.

Glee returns tonight, and while I’m pleased, I am worried that the hiatus was too long, and that the show might risk losing some audience to please everyone. Apparently I’m not the only one who’s nervous. Part of the reason why I loved the show was because it anticipated it’s own criticism and knew what you were thinking. Like Freaks and Geeks before it, there’s no real victory for these kids. Sure they might win regionals, but that won’t change them in the eyes of their peers [I’m thinking specifically of the yearbook episode, where the team fights for a full team picture, only to have it immediately defaced by some jocks at the end of the episode].

But the DVD set released last year [which we immediately purchased] was so skewed to teenagers and drama kids, I felt a little alienated as a fan of the show. Time will tell if they manage to hold me any better than House, or How I Met Your Mother or any other network show that’s won my heart, but the nervous tone of the Globe piece [“it teeters astonishingly between brilliance and banality”] isn’t doing much to relax me.

In other news, a rough cut of the PFG podcast theme was linked to on Twitter and Facebook. If there even is a podcast. Which I’m not saying there will be. It was just a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Aaaaand, we’re off to sell novels for the afternoon, and get into arguments over Yann Martel’s new novel. My thanks to Michiko Kakutani for making up my mind for me, like any good critic.

Though this might be something to consider: Canadian reviewers have been markedly more positive to Martel’s talking animal Holocaust allegory [never seen that before] than American reviewers. If I didn’t know better, I’d think Canada was grading their golden boy on a curve, but I’m just a hater and what do I know anyway?


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