We Have a Theme Song

Fun with Garageband

You may recall a week ago I went on a sort of rant regarding Internet celebrity, particularly on how most of the self-mades out there will champion content and consistency over quality any day of the week. But I can’t completely decry their practices without at least trying it once.

So join me for the next week as I blitz this space with a barrage of posts of varying degrees of quality. We’ll see what content devoid of quality will get anybody.

Pictured above is what I’ve been putzing around with today. Last month, when it became certain I would own a computer manufactured in this century, I started thinking of all things I could use it for and was reminded of a podcast I used to work on in my journalism days. After asking on a couple social nets if anyone would be interested in hearing it, support was higher than I thought it might be. So while I have no idea what the subject of the PFGcast will be, I know it needs a theme song. It’s probably about four or five more passes before it’s perfect, but I’m surprised at how well it’s coming along.

Always impressive what you can get done with $50 worth of RAM and an old-ass iBook. Wait, not old…claaaaassssic!

Also, Dear MarsEdit, I wish your editor was a little more rich. I haven’t used markup tags since 2005.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!



  1. When I get the timing on the samples down. There’s a touch of lag on some of them, so I need to try a couple more passes or just adjust them by hand. She’s just wee!

    1. I had to look that up, it had been so long since I’d seen it. Gonads in the lightning!

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