The Roundup

As the ‘Best of Decade’ lists start to trickle in from all around, I feel like the Guardian book blog is doing the best job at the moment, giving a year by year retrospecticus of what rose to the top of the literary pile, as well as facing the reality head-on that the Naughties also produced some really awful shit. Spoiler alert: Dan Brown may make an appearance.

Margaret Atwood offers ten gift ideas for the aspiring novelist in your life.

There will no doubt be a more extensive entry in the coming weeks on the attempts of the book industry to turn a profit as eReaders seem to be having their tipping point, ‘iPod moment’.  But for now, the news of the day is that Simon and Schuster and Hatchette will be releasing e-books of top titles four months after the hardcover release. The move would appear to be a digging in of heels against the price-slashing practices of the people who sell e-books [$9.99 vs. a $30 hardcover]. Said Hatchette CEO David Young, “I can’t sit back and watch years of building authors sold off at bargain-basement prices. It’s about the future of the business.”

The art of the review takes a hit as Kirkus Reviews ceases operations.

The National Post spoke to PFG hero Jonathan Lethem when he was recently in Toronto.  A visit PFG only learned about after it was over. Le sigh.

BoingBoing directs us to the best Flickr set you’ll see before the year is up: your favourite web services reimagined as classic Penguin paperbacks.  So much awesome in one little page.

Thus end Thursday, friends.  Perhaps this weekend I’ll finish coughing up the bile left by this year’s Canada Reads nominees into some sort of coherent criticism.


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