Branding is Important

Good Evening

Good Evening

The unfortunate thing about any sort of artistic endeavour these days friends, is that the business side of things is growing all the time.  You already know that scads of inferior material fly off the shelves every day based on how well it’s been packaged, because it suggests a certain attitude, because ownership of said item says something about your personality as a consumer.  Few will disagree that marketing and public relations types can be some of the worst people on the planet, but they are a necessary evil.  You need an image, you need some branding, you need a platform.

As PFG launched, I put out a call on Facebook for logo design, the idea being that I could have some stickers made, maybe a stencil, promote the site [and myself] guerrilla style. But having experience with graphic designers, I didn’t expect anything to come of it.

Surprisingly, my man Khy over at Teenage Mom Magazine took it upon himself to make up a logo for PFG, an homage to one of the great storytellers of the last century remixed with my own influences. I threw on the title in MS Paint for fun.

I’m a little hesitant that people will just think a 600-lb man has a website, but there’s no denying it has style.

What say you, friends? Do I get some stickers made up and plaster the city? Or do I entertain other options?



  1. Do it. It’s a fantastic logo that I feel not only represents you, but the artistic world in which you reside. If I saw this image stuck somewhere I would be tempted to go to the site.

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